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Oct. 6th, 2012 02:15 am
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 Basically a rundown of my night. More elaboration later. 

Went to Silverdale, walked around the mall. Almost died a few times, stared at some random guys in Denny's. Got kicked out of Denny's. Was witness to a marriage proposal, Married two of my friends in the parking lot. Witnessed someone being left at the alter and meeting four new awesome people. Yeah I have to say it was a good night.

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 So I have finally stopped crying enough to actually write this. Tonight on Grey's Anatomy, Mark Sloan passed away. For some reason this death affected me harder than any other death on the show, mainly because I realized that there was no way for Lexie to come back and for them to get their happily ever after. I am still tearing up at songs and trying to heal the hurt that I feel in my heart. For some reason it felt as if I lost a close, dear friend. Mainly because Mark was that kind of character you saw on the show till the show actually ended. But at the same time I knew that I wouldn't of wanted to see him suffer without Lexie, I  just hate how it ended. I am now in an emotional puddle of tears. 

I mean, I will never see either of them on my tv screen again. I wont see this

Or this

Or this

Yeah....i'm just not going to get over this easily. 
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 Woke up late for work today. That was fantastic in it's own right. And as I was leaving the house I fell on my hands and knees. Yeah, you can see how well this day went. 

Anyways. After work was fine. Found out on my new RPG group that my friend who plays Tyler in that one and the Indy Tyler my Jo plays with is actually a really good writer. So naturally we clicked. We are now unstoppable. So that made me really happy and made up for the bad morning. But I also have to give up my cute new kitten because my landlord wont let me keep her. Not excatly in the best of moods right now. 

Anyways. Off to hell. I mean work. 

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Well I think the title is a contradiction actually. ANYWAYS, I just realized that Grey's Anatomy returns this week and in the midst of it all, Lexie's death is hitting me hard. I can work with one half of my otp being dead (I have to do it for Dean/Jo all the time) But now Eric Dane is also leaving and I don't know how I feel about that. Their relationship was...well it was fucking awesome actually. I mean look at this

They were flawless together. I mean my god, he was still holding her fucking hand and telling her that he loved her AFTER she had been dead. I just. I don't even know. This is going to be the show that gives me the most feels because even though Season 9 is going to rock, it always could of been so much better if Slexie happened. And i mean actually happened, none of that back and forth shit. 

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So my friend has been trying to get me into this for like, ever. So here I am giving it a try. I am pretty sure I am going to like it but it always takes me a bit to warm up to anything.


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